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OLD Version Download Minecraft PE 1.16.0 full version for Android
Started by joynalbokhsho

Download Minecraft PE 1.16.0 full version for Android in this article below. It called Nether Update. After many Beta versions Mojang already have made release! It adds new blocks, mobs, biomes, structures, gameplay features, achievements and many other things.

What will be added v.1.16 full version?

You will see 5 new mobs:

  1. Piglins
  2. Hoglins
  3. Strider
  4. Zombified Piglins
  5. Zoglins


In this update you will have many place to explore! 6 new biomes will be added in Nether.


Over 15 blocks adds Mojang in Nether Update. Mostly of them you will get in new biomes.


You will heart many new music. Just come to new places in Nether.


Try to reach 4 new achievements


  • working xbox live
  • free skin editor
  • working servers

Click Here to download

Note:You have to register or Login for download

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