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Minecraft Stable Version
Cliffs you can here. Mojang added many new features such like: Axolotl, Goat, Glow Squid, Powder Snow, Glow Lichen, Spyglass and many other stuff. You can see new mobs, blocks and instruments.

Full changes you can see on official website:


New plants and berries
Dripleaf, Moss Block, Azalea, Glow Berries and much more!

Powder Snow
This block makes your walk slower if you stay on the powder snow. The same situations with creatures

Amethyst Geodes
Huge structure will be generated around Overworld. It also contain of new blocks.

New mob can be found under the water. He is passive mob but he will attack some water creatures. You can see Axolotl in different colors.

Glow Squid
He is under water animal. If you want to get Glow Ink Sacs just kill the mob.


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