Minecraft PE 1.14.20 Download for Android

Minecraft PE 1.14.20 Download for Android 1.14.20

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Minecraft PE 1.14.20 fully version for Android is available to download today. Developer made a lot of fixes in different category of the game. Many errors were changed regarding mobs, user interface, gameplay, commands and even for addon/script makers. I am sure that this is important update.


Crashes / Performance

  • gameplay crashes
  • nintendo related crashes
  • compass and locator map crashes
  • nether portal crashes
  • crash which occurs while fireworks equipped in a crossbow
  • raids crashes
  • 'Extreme Speed Runner' marketplace crashes

  • fixed .mcworld and .mctemplate error
  • fixed the LittleBigPlanet error
  • chroma Hills issue
  • split-screen issue

  • errors with projectiles
  • honey blocks issue

  • issue occurs when mob spawns on transparent block
  • bees issue
  • error with tamed wolfs
  • tamed parrots issue
  • issues related to pillagers mob
  • Bad Omen issue

  • Tridents error
  • Honey Bottles error
  • Undyed Shulker Boxes error
User Interface

  • Nintendo switch related errors
  • Marketplace errors

  • Beehives and bee nests issue

  • behavior pack problems
  • issue with teleported and rotated smoothly
  • Fixed the order of 'on_exit' and 'on_entry' issue
  • local space issue
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