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    ahh Finally website back
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    Chat has been cleared
  3. Joynal Bokhsho for bedrock for java port for bedrock: 19132 for bedrock for java port for bedrock: 19132
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    Entity History About Herorbine

    The story of Herobrine, Minecraft’s decade-old mystery Here’s how the haunted miner came to be, more than a decade ago. Who is Herobrine? He’s a legend almost as old as Minecraft itself, dating back to its alpha days. Stories of the spooky ghost miner rose to prominence alongside Minecraft...
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    Stable Minecraft Bedrock Full Version

    Minecraft PE 1.18 FULL version for Android is finely released! Mojang added a lot of new features: new cave generation, new music, new sizes for the world, improved biome, etc. Of course tons of bug fixes and crashes. What is new in v.18 FULL version? Extended world sizes World size has been...
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    ok sir
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    Hello, Show me a screenshot
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    Stable Minecraft PE 1.17.11 download free full version for Android 1.17.11

    Download Minecraft PE 1.17.11 FULL version for Android you can in this article. Mojang fixed 6 different bugs. For example: player respawning bug, crash on Xbox platform, bug with invisibility for horse, bug in real command, etc. Fixes: Respawning bug for players Bug related to respawning...
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    Stable Minecraft PE 1.17.10 Download for Android 1.17.10

    Download Minecraft PE 1.17.10 FULL for Android you can in this article. Mojang added: candles, potted azaleas, real world slots. It also includes experimental features om Caves and Cliffs Part II. As usual developer fixed a lot of bugs and crashes. What will be added in v.1.17.10? Candles...
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    Stable Download Minecraft PE FULL for Android

    Cliffs you can here. Mojang added many new features such like: Axolotl, Goat, Glow Squid, Powder Snow, Glow Lichen, Spyglass and many other stuff. You can see new mobs, blocks and instruments. Full changes you can see on official website...
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    Announcement You guys want Beta Minecraft Version?

    If you guys want Minecraft beta version! I can upload it when new version come
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    Stable Minecraft 1.16.220 Download Full Version Free 1.16.220

    FULL for Android you can here. In this update you can due sign text with different colors. Also, Mojang fixed over 50 different bugs and crashes. Bugs were fixed in the next categories: mobs, gameplay, performance, blocks, accessibility, user interface, commands, etc. This update also improved...
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    Stable Minecraft PE 1.16.210 FULL version download for Android 1.16.210

    Download Minecraft PE 1.16.210 FULL version for Android you can here. The biggest news: new F11 a a keybord shortcut for full screen mode, new ambient sound in Nether, new audio sliders and many other. As usually Mojang fixed a lot of bugs and crashes. Mojang prepared new template for addon...
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    Verification batch help

    Discord Server e Join kore OKhane ekta ticket open kore request korun, age 2 ghontar jonno on kore dicilam sobar jonno, jarai register korto 2 ghontar modde tarai badge paito
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    Verification batch help

    Nah change hobena, you may change your username. Mashe ekbar kore change korte parba
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    Help Game install hocchena

    Apnar SDK te hoito supported na! Othoba new kore download kore abar dekhun
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    Help Game install hocchena

    Hello @aaban, Apni mone hoy ager version uninstall den nai tai emon hocche. crack version install dite gele ager version uninstall diye notun version install korte hoy. jodi ager version uninstall kore install korle gele emon problem hoy tahole apnar internal memory khali korun. apnar...
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    how may i help you?

    how may i help you?